The Best D.S. & Durga Perfumes, Ranked By a Beauty Editor

Even though I’ve amassed 50 perfumes and counting through my job as beauty journalist, there is always space on my shelf for just one more bottle. Rather than remaining loyal to one signature scent, if prefer to switch up my scent daily to suit my mood, what I’m wearing and where I’m heading. With niche perfumes becoming more popular as many of us go in search of not smelling like everyone else (anyone else getting a bit bored of smelling Baccarat Rouge 540 and Santal 33—not to mention all of their dupes—everywhere they go? They’re starting to smell a little dated.). The data backs it up, too, with searches for ‘niche perfumes’ up 175% on Google. It seems many of us are ready to find something a little more unique to add to our perfume wardrobes.

One niche fragrance brand that often flies under the radar is D.S. & Durga—and it’s sure-fire way to smell totally unlike anyone else. The Brooklyn-born perfume house was founded a very cool husband and wife duo: David (AKA, the “D.S.” in the brand’s namesake), a self-taught perfumer, and Kavi (AKA “Durga”) a trained architect who brings her eye for design into D.S. & Durga. Their unique take of scent creation sees them conjuring fragrances of far-flung destinations, specific moments in time and concepts of imaginary landscapes that transport you to the very moment. Want to smell like a cowboy riding horseback? They have a perfume to take you there. Or perhaps you want to feel like you’re immersed in a buzzling New York bistro in the ’90s? There’s a fragrance for it. D.S. & Durga describe it as “armchair travel”, and each fragrance also has a corresponding playlist to allow you to be fully immersed in the mood.

You’ll find D.S. & Durga in some of the coolest perfume halls in the UK, however if you’re not near one to try a sample before investing a a full bottle, I’d recommend trying its discovery sets which allow you to find your favourites before buying a full size bottle.

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