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U.Today – The roller coaster has taken another dive, breaking below the $60,000 mark and unsettling the market. This recent dip sees the cryptocurrency dipping its toes into the $58,000 territory, the least-expected move by the market. The fall through what many considered a solid support level at $60,000 is causing some panic.

This unsettling movement could have been seen as a dark cloud, but there is a silver lining that has the crypto faithful watching the calendar: the Bitcoin halving. Slated for around April 20, this event is historically known for shaking up the market in unexpected ways. The halving could tighten supply and potentially swing the pendulum back in favor of higher prices.

BTC/USDT Chart by TradingViewLooking at the charts with a magnifying glass, we can see that Bitcoin’s next support test lies at $58,572, just a stone’s throw from where it is currently. If it fails to hold this line, the descent might continue toward the $50,319 area, where the next safety net lies.

But let’s not write off Bitcoin just yet. If it can rally back and crack through the $60,000 ceiling again, it might just push back to its recent comfort zone. The first sign of recovery will be reclaiming ground above this critical level, with eyes then set on the $68,789 marker — a formidable resistance that could block the path to its previous highs.

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Ethereum’s slide below $3,000 is more than just a number — it is a signal. It tells us that the confidence that was pushing prices up is shaky. The drop has been steep enough to make even the staunchest supporters a bit nervous about what’s coming next.

We have spotted some levels that could tell us where things might head. Right now, Ethereum is testing the waters below the $3,000 line. If it does not climb back up soon, the next floor might be around the $2,800 mark, a point that could offer some resistance to the fall. On the chance that Ethereum finds its feet again, watch out for the $3,200 ceiling — it is the next battle to win for recovery hopes.

There is a real chance that ETH could keep dropping, especially if it does not get back above $3,000 quickly. But with the halving in play, it is too early to count it out. A surge of inflows to the market might change the situation in favor of bulls quicker than anticipated.

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Solana, the cryptocurrency that has been on many investors’ watchlists, is showing signs of strain. After a period of growth, SOL has slipped through what was a strong support level at around $130, and now folks are worried. If prices keep heading south and pass below the $100 mark, it could spell real trouble.

Key indicators that many traders look to for signs of healing, like RSI and moving averages, have been breached. Currently, Solana struggles to find a proper footing for the price.

The situation looks tense. With the support at $130 now a thing of the past, the next checkpoint is at $100.

Yet, not all hope is lost. There is still a chance for a turnaround. Growth could be around the corner if Solana manages to rally and break through resistance levels, particularly around $150, which could act as a ladder to climb back up from its current position.

The future of Solana is not set in stone. If it finds strength and pushes above these resistance levels, it might just regain its previous momentum. But if it continues to fall, the drop below $100 could be a hard reality check for the coin and its investors.

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