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We’re all looking for ways to better optimize our sleep quality, whether that’s with cozy bedding essentials, sleep supplements, or even just a more regimented nighttime routine. PS has always believed that the key to a happy, healthy life starts with taking care of yourself and ensuring that you give your body the necessary rest in order to wake up more rejuvenated. In the spirit of that, we’ve launched a brand new sleep collection at Walmart with a continued goal of making wellness feel more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Similar to PS’s bath and fitness lines, this five-piece collection features a bevy of unique products, all of which are designed to elevate your sleep routine and promote a more peaceful night’s rest. From a luxurious double-sided pillowcase and weighted eye mask to a multifunctional alarm clock that’s equipped with both light and sound settings, these items will help lull you into a more relaxed state and sleep better throughout the night.

Best of all, each product costs less than $40. Ahead, shop the full PS Sleep collection at Walmart and prepare to level up your sleeping routine this season.

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