20-Minute Meditation For Better Sleep

This 20-minute meditation is designed to help you let go of the anxious thoughts that can keep you awake — and it’s so effective, you may find yourself dozing off before you reach the end, night after night.

Certified meditation guide and breathwork coach Kristina Joy leads you through this bedtime meditation, a quick but peaceful practice using visualization, body scanning, and deep breathing techniques to calm the body and help you curate a calmer mindset. “The way that we end our day and fall asleep is just as important as the way we start our day,” she says, encouraging you to take care with your nighttime routine.

Throughout the meditation, you’ll work on slowing down your breath, gradually making your exhales longer than your inhales, and sending cues for your body to relax and let go of any residual stress. Joy also uses visuals like warm light, soft clouds, and a tranquil garden, guiding you toward peace and inviting you to discard anxious thoughts as you go.

“Anxiety sometimes arises as distracting thoughts,” Joy says at one point. “Anytime a thought comes up, you can just place the thought on a cloud, and just watch it drift away.” She also recommends linking mantras or positive affirmations with your breathing, using phrases like “I am calm” on the inhale and “I am at peace” on the exhale.

Watch the full video for a better night’s sleep, and don’t miss new episodes of Breathe Fitsugar, now every other Sunday on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.

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