19 Sweater Styling Tips That Make Basic Sweaters Feel New

Anyone who’s resided in a cold climate can tell you that excitement about winter isn’t always rooted in reality. Sure, buying our little winter coats or breaking in new boots is cute, but when temperatures drop below freezing? All bets are off. Realists can attest that looking chic when it’s cold outside is challenging. Even more so when our desire to get dressed up can be easily deterred by a myriad of factors—e.g., the forecast for the day or staples that feel as dull as the winter sky. Basically, catching a case of the winter blues in the wardrobe department is as inevitable as an oncoming cold front. However, not all hope is lost! There are a few ways to combat the mid-winter dressing slump, starting with your sweaters.

Hear us out: knitwear is the most significant part of any winter wardrobe on a functional level but also for fashion purposes. How you style this staple can either make you want to slump back into bed or can help you shake off any gloom swiftly. If you’re more interested in the latter, you’ll want to keep reading as we’re sharing some game-changing sweater styling tips. Ahead, you’ll find 19 winter outfit ideas to showcase different ways to style knitwear for various occasions, climates, and sartorial perspectives. If these styling hacks can’t get you out of your winter slump, nothing will. 

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