Nail Tints Are Replacing Classic Polish This Spring

As the name suggests, nail tints aren’t something to opt for if you’re looking for a full-coverage, colorblock manicure. Instead, they offer a “no-manicure manicure” look, imparting a translucent wash of berry-esque color. “Nail tints are sheer, tinted polishes designed to enhance your natural nail color,” explains session manicurist Ami Streets, who compares them to a lip oil or a tinted moisturizer — for your nails. “They give a super glossy finish and the illusion of ‘perfected’ nails in one easy step, so it’s a really quick way to make nails appear ‘groomed’ with minimal product,” Streets explains. Thanks to their lightweight coverage, nail tints are incredibly versatile to wear; you can layer up as you see fit.

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