What to Bring to Coachella: Packing List

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For the seasoned veterans heading to Coachella in April, you know the festival leads two separate lives: the casual daytime concert and the boisterous nighttime party. Both are brimming with opportunities for dancing, sweating, and front-of-Ferris-wheel-picture-taking, and if you’re headed to Palm Springs for the occasion, you’ll want to come equipped with everything you need for any and all of them.

If you’re a first-timer who has spent the last few days Googling “Coachella packing list” over and over, trust me — you aren’t alone. Although this will mark my seventh year in the desert for Coachella, every year, without fail, I always end up needing to make a pit stop at the local drugstore for an item I forgot to bring with me. So, in an effort to bring everything I need the first time around and to help you do the same, I’ve compiled a list of 18 must-haves that should be in your bag with you when you head down to the desert.

Yes, you’ll need to bring your regular skin-care products, your favorite makeup items, your outfits, and, of course, your wristbands (seriously, don’t forget those), but there are a few other key things I promise you won’t want to be without (sunscreen is a big one). Keep scrolling to check out the full Coachella packing list.

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