This Is the Safest and Most Affordable City for Families to Live in the U.S., According to a New Report

With inflation driving the cost of living up and high real estate values keeping many people from owning a home, it is no wonder many Americans, especially families, are seeking to relocate to communities that offer a good balance of affordability and quality of life. And many are finding it in Texas.

In 2023, the Lone Star state led the nation by population growth, accounting for 30 percent of new residents overall. According to a new report by, 10 of the top 30 safest and most affordable places for families to live in the U.S. are in Texas, including the winner, College Station.

The city, located in East Central Texas, is home to 120,000 residents, up over 17 percent since a decade ago, and was the seventh fastest-growing area in the U.S. in 2021. So, what makes College Station so attractive to families? estimates that the city’s average mortgage cost is $2,122, about the same as the country’s average. However, the median home value is about $50,000 less than the current national average. also noted that a family of four needs a little over $5,000 to cover its monthly expenses, which is also about $1,000 less than the nation’s average, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

In addition to offering an affordable cost of living, College Station also stands out as a safe community with crime rates that are lower than the average for both Texas and the country.

It also recently ranked among the top 10 best cities for public schools in the country and among the top 20 to raise a family in America by

College Station is a pioneer in education in the Lone Star State, being home to its first public university, Texas A&M, which opened in 1876 and continues to have a significant impact on life here. The university’s main campus houses over 70,000 students, transforming the city into a lively community with a vibrant cultural life. Texas A&M is also one of the leading employers in the city, which has an unemployment rate of just 2.6 percent.

Beyond sound employment opportunities, safety, and affordability, College Station additionally has much to offer in year-round recreation, sports, entertainment, and cultural programming. 

The second and third spots on’s list are also occupied by two Texas cities: El Paso and New Braunfels. El Paso, in particular, is a good option for families who put affordability at the top of their wishlist, as the city, which sits on the United States-Mexico border, has an average mortgage cost of $1,346 and estimated monthly expenses for a family of four are $4,445.

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