The Under-$300 Almina Concept Cardigan That Looks Designer

Fashion people know where they were on October 6, 2019, when Katie Holmes went viral for her cardigan-and-cashmere-bra combination. The outfit—especially the sweater—is still imprinted into my memory to this day. The cardigan in question was, of course, Khaite. While it sold out not long after Holmes wore it, the brand has since maintained the style as a signature and keeps bringing it back in new colors. In the four years since that viral moment, the Scarlet Cardigan has hardly wavered from my wish list. The only issue is that my bank account has yet to catch up with my taste. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I finally found a cardigan that’s just as gorgeous while also being delightfully within my shopping budget. It only took several years, but it’s well worth the wait. Meet the V Neck Cardigan from Korean label Almina Concept, a weighty knit with a beautiful hourglass shape and bell sleeves that mimics the vibe of the Khaite one but for the price of what you’d pay in taxes for it instead. The merino wool is the main difference compared to Khaite’s cashmere fabrication, but all in all, it’s a solid alternative.

After a huge surge in popularity this fall that made the cardigan sell out, the brand has just restocked it in all three colors, and I thought I’d make sure you were the first to know. Ahead, see the Khaite cardigan in question compared to the Almina Concept alt, and further down, shop even more luxurious-looking knits.

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