The Ordinary’s New Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Review

The new serum is still as gentle and hydrating as its predecessor, but it feels silky and plush on the skin — without a hint of sticky, tacky feeling. My skin drank this up. Compared to the original, I’d say the biggest difference is the long-lasting, dewy hydration from the ceramides. When my skin is dehydrated, my cheeks are the first to feel chapped, and fine lines (especially on my forehead) start to appear. This serum made my skin feel as if I’d chugged a gallon of water: Balanced, bright, and naturally luminous. The clear serum was almost identical to its predecessor, save for the faintest yellow tint, which comes from the addition of ceramides. “We know it’s important for a lot of customers to see that clear, ‘hyaluronic acid’ finish,” Prudvi says. Ceramides, being a lipid, have a naturally buttery texture and color (as we witnessed as The Ordinary chemists whipped up a fresh batch of serum right before our eyes), but the Deciem lab rose to the occasion to ensure that the end result wasn’t too different from the product appearance that customers know and love.

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