The Funny, Universal Truths Of Being A Woman — According To 3 Female Comedians

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The funny thing about being a woman is…well, most things. From menopause and sisterhood to PMS and pregnancy, the female experience is uniquely personal. And while all of our journeys differ wildly — first periods, sex, fertility, the list goes on — it can help to find the humor and community inherent in the highs and lows of it all. 

That’s why we partnered with Hyland’s Naturals to tap three of our favorite female stand-up comedians — one Gen X, one millennial, one Gen Z — to share their hot takes on all things *womanhood.* And we assure you: hot takes, they delivered. In the video below, Sounds Like A Cult podcast host Isa Medina muses on finally understanding her cycle (“I was today years old when I realized that my horniness was synced up with my ovulation”); writer and musical star Casey Balsham discusses the postpartum realness of giving birth at 40 (“I take off my bra and it looks like Google Maps”); and America’s Got Talent alum Jackie Fabulous makes light of menopause’s life-changing symptoms (“I burst into flames every now and then when I perform”).

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Beyond the bodily woes and wonders of womanhood, the trio also reflects on the cultural progress we’ve made in discussing the intricacies of womanhood more freely — even in the notoriously male-dominated world of comedy. “There’s always somebody who’s [annoyed] like, ‘Is she gonna talk about her period?’” says Balsham. “And then when you do talk about your period, they’re like, ‘I knew she was gonna talk about her period.’ Well, what would you talk about if you were bleeding from your balls? You would talk about it.” 

For more mic drops, press play on the video above. And even if laughter is the best medicine, take comfort in knowing that Hyland’s Naturals has a multivitamin to help women at every stage of life. Shop a few of the brand’s top options below:

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