The 15 Best Leave-In Conditioners for Every Hair Problem

When I got tired of failing to smooth my hair with hair spray, I decided to venture out and try a new product: leave-in conditioner. I always thought leave-in conditioners were for dried-out and damaged hair only. I pictured them as greasy, too creamy, and too heavy for my stick-straight hair, which already needed a bit of help in the volume department. Boy, was I wrong.

After trying leave-in conditioner on my damp hair and air-drying it, I noticed the frizzy flyaways were tamed a bit more. Sure, a few popped up here and there, but it was still a big difference pre-product. And the best part? It stayed that way throughout the day and for a few days after. Now, I apply the product every time I wash my hair (a couple of times a week), and I think it’s really helping nourish my hair and controlling the unruly strands.

If flyaways aren’t your hair problem, a leave-in conditioner can help solve a lot of other ones, too. There are formulas for different hair needs, so choose one that fits yours exactly. I needed something lightweight, but you might need something thicker and creamier if your hair is very dry. Or you might need a product that offers thermal protection from heat tools if you use them a lot.

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