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Shoppers Are Replacing All of Their Plates With This Now-$25 Pasta Bowl Set

When there’s a set of pasta bowls in the house, dinner plates tend to get bypassed and pushed to the side. That’s because of the unique shape, which makes these bowls so versatile and multifunctional that they exceed far past their namesake. Ideal for crisp green salads, for stir-fry, for grain bowls, for desserts, and so much more — they’re a kitchen essential.

If you haven’t gotten a set yet, shoppers say they’re “replacing all [their] plates” with this Dowan pasta bowl set. And, right now, it’s on sale for 20% off at Amazon. Shop it now for just $6 apiece.

Dowan 4-Piece 50-Ounce Pasta Bowl Set


This four-piece pasta bowl set is made of durable, stain-resistant porcelain, so there’s no worry about ingredients, like red sauce, leaving an indelible mark. Each bowl has a 50-ounce capacity, is 9.75 inches in diameter, and has a 2-inch depth. This size keeps them useful for everything, from big lunch salads to weeknight dinners (and even sides). The flat bottom provides plenty of surface for eating, while the lip is deep enough to keep food confined without spilling over as you move it around. 

Another great feature of these bowls is they’re stackable, making for compact, streamlined storage. When cupboard space is at a premium, it’s easy to see why these versatile eating devices are becoming so popular. And if you need to heat up leftovers, just put them in one of these bowls, as they’re microwave-safe. Put them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup afterward, too.

These pasta bowls have scored over 1,900 perfect star ratings from shoppers who praise them for their quality, their versatility, and their ease of cleaning. “They are perfect for pasta, soup, salads, or to just use as a fruit bowl,” writes one reviewer. “I like to use these rather than a plate because the shallow large bowl keeps everything together and is less messy,” states another customer. They’re “great for everything,” reports a third shopper, who even uses them as serving dishes. “We use them daily for salads, pasta, anything and everything,” says another buyer.

Once you get this four-piece set, you’ll soon discover why shoppers are no longer reaching for their other dishes. Shop it now for only $25.

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At the time of publishing, the price was $25.

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