Mad Rabbit Tattoo Repair Patch Review With Photos

POPSUGAR Photography | Ariel Baker
POPSUGAR Photography | Ariel Baker

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I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessive, per se, but I like a good tattoo. I currently have six designs all over my body and have been instructed on quite a few different ways to heal them; every time I go to a new appointment, I’m told something different about tattoo aftercare. As a result, I’ve tried everything from nappy cream to the SecondSkin Bandage ($11), but nothing has really helped me enjoy the healing stage of a tattoo. At first, my designs felt extremely tender, then they got fairly itchy, and only after that did they finally heal and settle into the skin. But I’ve often noticed that some of my more recent designs have faded more than normal during this process, making brand-new pieces look like I’ve had them for years rather than a few short weeks.

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That’s why when I heard about the new Mad Rabbit Tattoo Repair Patches ($25), I was instantly curious. The brand claims that the patches are ideal for tattoo recovery and help soothe those uncomfortable post-inking effects, so no burning, itching, or tenderness will occur as long as the patches are being used. They’re also hydrating and, in turn, are suitable for sensitive skin types. So I set off to get my seventh tattoo with the sole intent of trying the tattoo healing patches that sounded a little too good to be true. Read ahead for my experience with them.

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About the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Repair Patches

  • The Mad Rabbit Tattoo Repair Patches come in a set of three; each is 10 by 14 centimeters in size.
  • Each patch is formulated with glycerin and vitamin E to help retain moisture and protect the tattoo from external aggressors, like pollution, as it heals.
  • The patches are also infused with D-panthenol and olive leaf extract, both of which help with wound healing and skin repair.

What I Like About the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Repair Patches

To test the patches, I got a small tattoo that was roughly about 1.5 inches in size right above my ankle. After the appointment, my tattoo artist applied the patch onto my skin and told me to use it for a minimum of two days and a maximum of four — whatever I felt the most comfortable with. The application was simple; she cut the patch to fit perfectly to the size of my ink, peeled off the protective layer, and placed it over the design.

Immediately, I felt the most incredible cooling sensation, similar to the feeling you get when you put Vicks Vapor Rub on your chest, but without the burning sensation afterward. My previously very tender and sore tattoo felt instantly more comfortable. I had no tingling or adverse reaction to the patch, so I was ready to go off on my next adventure as soon as I hopped off of the tattoo artist’s table.

The best part about using these patches is how well they hold the integrity of the ink. Every time I changed mine out, I was impressed with how vibrant my tattoo remained — even after I stopped using the patches completely. I definitely think these have long-term benefits when it comes to color retention.

How to Use the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Repair Patches

made rabbit tattoo repair patches review
POPSUGAR Photography | Ariel Baker

As mentioned, the patches are pretty straightforward to use — you simply cut one to size, peel off the protective film, and place it over your fresh ink. They don’t stay in place on their own, so you should secure it with medical tape. I didn’t have any, so I folded up some cling wrap, wrapped it around the patch, and then taped it into place.

What to Consider Before Trying the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Repair Patches

The biggest thing to consider with these patches is the lack of self-adhesion. I ran a few errands after my appointment, and because I live in New York City, this naturally meant that I was walking quite a bit. By the time I got home, the patch was above my tattoo rather than on it, so I had to reapply an entirely new one. Additionally, you’re supposed to reapply these every eight hours, which I feel leaves a bit too much room for human error and can expose your new tattoo to unnecessary germs, especially if you don’t follow proper sanitary protocols.

POPSUGAR Photography | Ariel Baker

My tattoo after four days of using the patch consistently.

Before this tattoo, I recall also not being the happiest with my most recent experience with Saniderm, which is a self-adhesive, waterproof bandage that is typically used by tattoo artists to keep a new piece clean. It left behind a sticky residue on a brand-new tattoo, which was pretty painful to take off. I also felt like the lack of moisture ultimately made my last tattoo fade much quicker than it needed to.

With that in mind, I can recognize the ingenuity behind this product and completely appreciate the way it’s changing the landscape of body art. There is still room for improvement, but I would definitely recommend these to a friend, especially if they have dry skin or are more sensitive to tattoos.

Rating: ★★★☆

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