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Laws aren’t for conservatives to obey

To the editor: It’s difficult for me to imagine a pardon more repugnant than the one Texas Gov. Greg Abbott granted to the convicted murderer of a Black Lives Matter protester.

But Abbott merely was parroting the same message that former President Trump sent in pardoning so many convicted criminals who were among his supporters: Laws are enacted to regulate the actions of progressives, not conservatives.

Got it. Something for voters to remember in upcoming elections.

Greg Gilbert, Burney, Calif.


To the editor: Let me get this straight.

Most people in Texas are allowed to openly carry a firearm in public. But according to Gov. Abbott, Texans are also allowed to shoot anyone carrying a gun if that person approaches you, talks to you or otherwise exhibits any behavior you believe is forcing you to “stand your ground.”

That’s wilder than the Wild West ever was. Dodge City, Tombstone, Abilene and Deadwood all had varying forms of gun control that today’s 2nd Amendment advocates would vociferously claim to be unconstitutional.

And they say California is full of lunatics.

Greg Seyranian, Redondo Beach


To the editor: Abbott’s pardon is another example in this country of a white minority pretending to have a political philosophy.

Abbott and his ilk are not politicians, they are not leaders, and they most certainly do not have the public’s interest in mind. To be in control is their only motivation.

Michael Harold, West Los Angeles

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.

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