I Got The ”Kitty” Cut After 15 Years Of The Same Style

Luckily, the kitty cut suits all hair lengths, says Broadbent, especially short to mid-length hair. The layers lend shape, add texture, impart extra volume and accentuate the cheekbones and jawline. Admittedly, I have shied away from a bangs, layers and pretty much any form of “style,” as I’ve always been apprehensive that it wouldn’t complement my face shape. What’s more, I have a tendency to swap my parting from the side to the center, which makes finding an adaptable hairstyle substantially difficult. But I was keen to switch up the status quo, so I bit the bullet and headed straight to Hershesons where Broadbent allayed my fears. He promised that he could adapt the kitty cut’s wispy features to fulfill my needs — and that’s the beauty of this versatile hairstyle; it can be tailored to suit all preferences.

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