How Naked Do I Get For Different Beauty Treatments?

Unlike an arm, leg, or shoulder tattoo, ink on more intimate areas like your hip, side, lower stomach, butt, side boob, or sternum requires less clothes. Because tattoo parlors are often very public, open places, you likely won’t want to get completely naked, says Debbi Snax, Atlanta-based tattoo artist.

“I recommend long, loose maxi dresses for tattoos on your hip or side,” Snax says. “You can pull it up and wrap yourself in it so you’re still covered. We’ll give you coverings, like dental bibs, but we can only do so much. It’s better if you have something flowy on.”

For side boob, sternum, or chest tattoos, she recommends loose shirts, camis, leotards, and deep V-neck tops: “Things we can lift,” she said. “If it’s giving you an impression on your body, then it’s too tight and you shouldn’t wear it.”

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