Get to Know Mary L. Peng

In the spotlight today: Boston-based artist Mary L. Peng—a huge fan of Elie Saab couture—uses her creative flair to embellish and extend her outfits.

Full name/pronouns: Mary L. Peng (she/her)

Location: Boston

Vogue Club member since: October 2023

Instagram handle: @l.h.mary

My signature look: I think of fashion as abstract painting: I gravitate towards either minimalistic simplicity with color clashes, or eye-catching maximalism with chromatic continuity. I often use my skin—or my own paintings—as extensions of the composition.

My go-to looks teeter between Elie Saab’s iconic sophistication and casual chic—with color and flattering silhouettes, of course. I believe in the elegance of simplicity and the laid-back allure of everyday style—especially designs characterized by smooth, flowing lines. I am also a big fan of haute couture dresses,

My favorite designers: Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen

On my fashion wish list: Elie Saab’s sequin-embellished floral-print skirt, vintage Prada kitten mules in pink, Prada’s leather-padded logo slingback pumps in celeste

A fun fact about me: I was trained as a classical pianist and contemporary dancer, but ended up becoming an artist, UX designer, and behavioral health scientist. I have a few art exhibitions coming up in the US and Europe, and would absolutely love to connect with art lovers in our community.

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