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Dogs jump in stranger’s car — and won’t budge, Florida cops say. ‘Holding my car hostage’

Dogs jumped into a stranger’s car — and unexpectedly took over the front seats, Florida photos show.

Facebook user Keke Keke said she was dropping her child off at day care and left her driver’s side doors open. That’s when the three German shepherds slipped inside.

A picture posted Feb. 20 shows two of the dogs sitting on the front seats and another lounging on the floorboard. Keke Keke said the pets were “holding my car hostage” just as she needed to go to work.

“OMG this will forever be my nightmare,” the mom wrote on social media.

The St. Petersburg Police Department responded to the scene about 25 miles southwest of Tampa after the dogs just wouldn’t budge.

“Understandably, the woman driver wasn’t too pleased,” police wrote in a Facebook post. “So our officers stepped in.”

Officers said the dogs were well-behaved and may have been ready for a car ride. They tugged on the animals’ collars to help coax them out, spokesperson Ken Knight told McClatchy News in a phone interview.

The Facebook user said two of the dogs got out, and police used fish sticks to help lure the one that remained behind.

Though officers aren’t sure how long the dogs were in the car, all finally left. Police said they gave the dogs “a lift to Pinellas Animal Urgent Care until the owner was located and took them home.”

Keke Keke didn’t immediately share additional information with McClatchy News on Feb. 21.

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