DeMellier’s Santorini Basket Bag Is Already a Cult Spring 2024 Buy

There’s a few things that signify the arrival of spring. The evenings are lighter, the flowers are in full bloom and of course, our basket bags return to daily use. As we welcome in the warmer days, our accessories shift to adapt to the new season and change in dressing that gets an added ease when the floral-scented spring days arrive. As somewhat of a handbag collector, I’ve seen my fair share of bags but the one that has my full attention right now is DeMellier’s Santorini basket bag.

By now, we’re all well aware of DeMellier’s prowess in the handbag sphere. From the iconic New York tote to the reliable Tokyo bag, the brand consistently designs elegant, timeless accessories that are set up to last within our wardrobes. The refined aesthetic that can be seen throughout the collections are continued to Santorini. A classic handwoven style that becomes the ideal companion come spring, summer and even autumn, yet with a smart, eye-catching and incredibly chic leather detail. Not only are the leather straps a clever feature to add support to the more delicate hand-crafted raffia weave, but add an elevation from the smooth leather finish that makes them incredibly versatile for all occasions. From pairing with a floaty dress on a far-flung island, to accompanying light linen tailoring for work, this is a bag destined to do it all, and look good in the process.