Check Out Louis Vuitton’s New Capsule Collection

(Image credit: Louis Vuitton/Luis Perez)

It’s not every day that a new fashion campaign captures our attention (admittedly, we see a lot), but lately Louis Vuitton has us on high alert. Recently the French luxury brand debuted its spring 2024 men’s collection co-designed with Tyler, the Creator, and its retro-preppy pieces are worth a closer look.

The collection includes a bit of everything, from outerwear to footwear, leather accessories, and playful “Craggy” monogram and green Damier patterns. It’s a delightful mix of Tyler, the Creator’s signature preppy style, and artistic director Pharrell Williams’s dandy dressing sensibilities. And, perhaps most exciting of all, it features five new bag shapes: an Envelope Messenger, an Envelope WW and an Envelope Pouch, as well as a Rush Bumbag and a dog-shaped strap bag.