Best Gifts Under $50 That Wont Blow Your Holiday Budget

Most holiday gifting starts with some kind of budget in mind. Sometimes, you need that truly inexpensive gift for a coworker or tween cousin. Sometimes, you want to ball out for a loved one with a truly luxe gift. In our view, the $50 price tag sits right in the middle. It marks a significant threshold when it applies to holiday gifts. Plunking down up to half a Franklin isn’t nothing, but it can still pose challenges. After you spend $50, you want to look like you’ve given something show-stopping, not something that just says “I love you three Sweetgreen salads.” Ideally, it may even look like you spent double that without dropping twice the cash. If you’re looking for a gift that has a way bigger impact than your already not-so-insignificant outlay, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the web to bring you as many of the coolest, trendiest, most thoughtful, and wow-inducing gifts under $50.

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