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No matter how many times we thought we uncovered all the fascinating products on Amazon, the site continually surprises us with even more new discoveries and affordable products that make life easier.

However, with hundreds of pages to sift through, finding the perfect gems can be overwhelming. That’s why we created an ultimate guide for you to shop through that contains the best gadgets on the site that have captivated both our editors and Amazon shoppers alike.

From portable photo printers to smart alarm clocks, kitchen gadgets and more, there are so many unique and cool items to sift through. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by products you never anticipated, such as the genius microwave cleaner that transforms a daunting task into an effortless one, or the temperature-controlling mug that ensures your drink stays hot for as long as you desire.

Whether you’re a chef, a homebody, or a travel enthusiast, there’s something in our selection that will undoubtedly captivate your interest. Discover our top mind-boggling inventions on Amazon, featuring options at every price point. Hurry before they sell out!

— Additional reporting by Angela Elias

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