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Pragmatism, in the vocabulary of Armarium, is a concept with potentially infinite interpretations. With her first cruise collection, creative director Giorgia Gabriele transports those who wear Armarium to an “elsewhere,” that is not an imaginary place but a reality with clear boundaries. “I imagined the wardrobe of a rigorous woman with a cosmopolitan spirit, who steps out of a metropolitan context and doesn’t take herself too seriously,” Gabriele said. In a dimension where lightness is a value to explore, the architectural approach becomes fluid, and minimalism becomes a reflection of refined frivolity.

Gabriele imagined her woman “in Ibiza, the Maldives, or St. Barts, where she can unplug and feel as fancy as wild, while listening to Infinity by The xx or NO by Nicholas Jaar.” Investigating the complexity of the simplest fabric, Gabriele used cotton to make versatility a strength of the collection. Once again, the details defined the recognizability of Armarium’s identity, including zippers—inspired by those on wetsuits—hidden by three-dimensional fabric bands that highlight the sophistication of each piece. Shoes were a focal point of the collection, launched in a special collaboration with French artist Martin Laforêt and conceived as small artworks. Featuring hand-stitched soles covered in the same leather as the footwear, they were a manifesto of the care Gabriele dedicates to her creations.

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