76 First-Date Questions to Really Get to Know Someone

When in doubt, pull out a would-you-rather first-date question. You will 1000 percent learn something interesting about your date this way, at the very least.

  • Would you rather go to a nice restaurant or get takeout for an anniversary dinner?
  • Would you rather know your partner’s complete dating history or be in the dark?
  • Would you rather get a good-morning or a goodnight text?
  • Would you rather only text or talk on the phone?
  • Would you rather go on three mini staycations or a week-long destination vacation?
  • Would you rather meet your favorite actor or artist?
  • Would you rather go on a date with your most recent ex or the person you lost your virginity to?
  • Would your rather date a relative’s ex or a friend’s ex?
  • Would you rather give up sex or your favorite food?
  • Would you rather be handcuffed or blindfolded?
  • Would you rather have sex in a car or an airplane?
  • Would you rather accidentally send a nude photo to your parent or post it to your Instagram Story?

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