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59 Valentine’s Day Desserts to Make You Swoon

Whether you and your loved ones are chocolate people, vanilla people, cookie people, or cake people, we have Valentine’s Day desserts for you. Come on in.

You know, when it comes to Valentine’s Day dinner, we’re partial to sexy, molten fondue. Yes, it’s specific, but when else are you really going to fire up that little burner and use those long, skewer-like forks? (Still, here are some other ideas for the meal.) When it comes to Valentine’s Day desserts, though, we can’t decide. We’re greedy. We want it all: chocolate desserts, fruity confections, creamy frozen pies, all.

So we took it all. Here are the best dessert ideas for making it a perfect Valentine’s Day. (But if something goes wrong because you didn’t read the ingredient lists right or something, there’s always a quick fix with store-bought cake mix and vanilla ice cream. And if all else fails, turn to the most nostalgia-packed, lowest-effort sweet treat of them all: conversation hearts.)

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