12 Best Seat Cushions For the Peloton Bike

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A year into riding my Peloton, one thing still holds true (and has since I was a beginner): the bikes are a pain in the butt . . . literally. Sitting on a regular bike is already uncomfortable, but mix in my favorite Peloton instructor’s intense workouts, and my muscles seem constantly sore. Ironically, this is exactly what motivates me to throw on a pair of Peloton-friendly cycling shoes and hop back on the bike, but there’s only so much padded bike shorts can do to combat what the Peloton community refers to as the “sore bum conundrum.” This is where Amazon’s game-changing Peloton seat cushions come in.

If an uncomfortable seat is holding you back from longer rides or logging more consistent workouts, I can confirm that a great exercise bike cushion can make a world of difference. For Peloton bikes specifically, there are a number of compatible cushions designed to help you power through bruised tailbones and achy glutes. Plus, since they’re all available on Amazon, these workout essentials are budget-friendly and super easy to shop.

Our favorite Peloton bike seat cushions are all about comfort, but they won’t sacrifice your form or make your workout any less challenging. In other words, your next best (and significantly more comfortable) workout is just around the corner. Keep reading to shop our picks for the best Peloton seat cushions.

Additional reporting by India Yaffe, Kyley Warren, Lauren Mazzo, Alexis Jones, and Chandler Plante

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