The 33 Best H&M New Shopping for Winter 2024, Period

I’ll be the first to admit that I shop a lot. Since shopping is a big part of my job as a digital fashion editor, there’s no way that my credit card can make it through the end of the month unscathed, but this month I aimed to do just that. Yep, I put myself on a shopping ban with the hopes of getting my closet in order and maybe avoiding some of the judgmental looks my doorman gives me when I come down to pick up yet another package. 

I’m sorry that what I’m about to say might earn me a lot of side-eye from both you and him: I’m on the verge of breaking my own rule because of H&M’s too-good-to-skip selection right now. I tried my hardest—I really did—but one look at the cool, affordable finds it’s dishing out right now was all it took to break me. From ridiculously pretty sheer pieces to the chicest quiet-luxury staples I’ve seen, discover the best H&M shopping finds for 2024 up ahead. Just don’t shoot the messenger if you find yourself shopping without abandon too.

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