Swimwear and Summer Fashion to Shop From H&M

Welcome to This or That, a series where two Who What Wear editors go head-to-head on the biggest trends and make the case for all the It items they’re currently coveting.

Summer, without a question, will always be the most exciting season for shopping. I get to wear all my favorites—breezy dresses, sandals that show off my pedicure, and crop tops. But what makes me most giddy? Swimwear. My fiancé thinks I have enough bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups to last me a lifetime, but he doesn’t get it—one can never have too many.

Listen: My just-as-obsessed co-workers agree with me. I was chatting with my boss, Caitie Schlisserman, about all things summer fashion, and naturally, swimwear came up. We found out that, for one, we gravitate toward different things when finding a suit that will work for us and, secondly, that H&M is the first place both of us look to find super-cute pieces at crazy-affordable prices. Because we’re us, we decided to have a little fun and go through the retailer’s latest drop to choose the pieces we foresee ourselves wearing this summer and send them over to each other.

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