Simplifying Your Skin Routine Is The Most Effective Way To Boost Collagen, According To A Dermatologist

These days there are countless skincare actives on the market to choose from, which is perhaps why we’ve all become maximalists when it comes to our routines: combining ingredients and layering up products. But is it time to reassess the elaborate 10-step regime and simplify your skincare?

Simplify your skincare routine to boost collagen at night

Multi-step routines might be popular on social media, but they may not be the most effective approach if you want to take the best possible care of your skin and amp up your collagen, after all, consistency is key. “Try to avoid creating long routines at night with layers of ingredients because it can be difficult to stick to,” says dermatologist Lidia Maroñas, medical director at the Oneskinmed clinic. If you are someone who likes to use multiple different actives, she suggests alternating them, rather than applying all at once. “Choose two to three renewal actives and alternate every day,” she explains. “As a general rule, you can do one evening of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), retinol the next, and even incorporate peptides on the third day. Then repeat cyclically.”

Maroñas is a proponent of a simple, pared-back routine that you can easily follow religiously. During the day, her key recommendations include a topical antioxidant (like vitamin C) and SPF.

If you’re new to active ingredients like retinol, or AHAs (examples include glycolic, mandelic, or lactic acid), then Maroñas suggests introducing them into your routine via a serum for ease. Extreme exposure to UV rays decreases cell renewal, which can lead to a loss in skin elasticity and luminosity, so using products that activate cell renewal is key—however, Maroñas emphasizes the importance of applying a hydrating moisturizer afterward. “This is especially important when skin has started to show some signs of losing elasticity.”

Try skincare minimalism

Dr Natalia Jiménez, from the Pedro Jaén group, is also a fan of a stripped-back, simplified skincare routine. “We’ve found that if we recommend very complex skincare routines, with too many steps, people are less likely to be consistent because patients don’t always have time. The easier we make a routine, the greater the consistency and the better the results are.”

Overdoing it with the number of products in your skincare routine is just not necessary, according to Dr Maroñas. “Give your skin what it needs, when it needs it, and reassess every 10 to 12 weeks.” The tried and tested formula? Cleanse day and night, apply your antioxidants in the morning with your SPF, and finish with your chosen active ingredient at night, along with a moisturizer.

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