Patrick Kennedy endorses President Biden over cousin RFK Jr.

Former Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-R.I.) endorsed President Biden for the White House over his cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s third-party bid.

Kennedy, a mental health advocate, appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday to discuss his new book, Profiles in Mental Health Courage. He said Biden has been “the best president we’ve ever had on mental health.”

“And frankly, he’s also put the most money to community mental health around the country. So there is no other choice than Joe Biden. If you care about this addiction crisis and this mental health crisis, Joe Biden is your candidate,” he added.

When co-host Dana Bash noted that his comments sounded like an endorsement, Kennedy confirmed it was.

“Of course it is. He’s the best, and he knows this issue, as you know, it’s personally affected him, and I think that every American can relate to what it’s like for Joe Biden because we’ve all had similar circumstances,” he said.

He also said that he is “worried” former President Trump will be elected, citing a threat to democracy.

“We have to get everyone out to vote and vote for Joe Biden. And vote for democracy over autocracy,” he added.

The former congressman served in the House from 1995 to 2011. He now works to advocate for those with addiction and mental health issues through The Kennedy Forum.

More than a dozen members of the Kennedy family already endorsed Biden for reelection last month, speaking out against family member Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent bid. Kerry Kennedy, the youngest sister of the independent candidate, said in remarks last month that Biden “has been a champion for all the rights and freedoms that my father and uncles stood for.”

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