More than 500K raised to help families of victims from Baltimore bridge collapse

Over half a million dollars has been raised to help families of victims of the Baltimore bridge collapse, which took the lives of six workers and injured two. 

The financial backing has come in from the city’s government, nonprofit organizations and the workers’ company, with the amount now surpassing $500,000, according to the Washington Post. 

Latino Racial Justice Circle, a Baltimore-based nonprofit, launched a GoFundMe on Wednesday, the day after a Singapore-flagged container ship en route to Sri Lanka slammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse. 

Latino Racial Justice Circle’s GoFundMe surpassed expectations, bringing in over $98,000. With the incoming financial support, the organization closed the fundraiser and directed prospective donors to a new fundraiser.

Created with the help of the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MIMA) and Baltimore Civic Fund, the new fundraiser has raised over $311,000, according to The Post. 

Brawner Builders, the company that employed the workers killed in the Tuesday incident, set up a GoFundMe which totals over $52,000, according to the latest numbers. 

“These employees were hard at work to help make these Maryland roads and bridges safe for the motoring public when this tragedy struck,” the company said. “They leave behind spouses, children, parents, and other loving family members.” 

League of United Latin American Citizens has raised over $8,900 and aims to “provide immediate financial assistance to the affected families, helping them navigate through these trying times with dignity.” 

Other fundraisers geared towards individual families have brought in over $65,000, the outlet reported. One of them is for Maynor Suazo Sandoval, 38, the worker who is missing and is presumed dead.

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