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Made In’s Grilling Gear Has Become a Staple In My Cooking — and Some of My Favorite Pieces Are on Sale Right Now

Whether it’s my trusty Weber charcoal grill, an indoor grill pan or griddle, or just live fire cooking over my Solo Stove, grilling is definitely one of my very favorite ways to prepare food. And as sure as there are a million opinions out there about the best types of grills and fuel sources, there are just as many about the best grilling tools, cookware, and equipment. To be sure, my whole rig involves a bunch of different tools I love, but there is one brand whose gear has taken a central spot in my regular lineup of beloved pieces over the last few years.

I’ve been a major fan of Made In since it launched in 2017, so I was pretty much already on board when the brand started releasing grilling cookware a few years ago. It started with a carbon steel griddle that made me feel like I was Francis Mallmann cooking a la plancha (read: precariously balancing the griddle on my Weber grill’s rim). But over the years, I became better at using the griddle — it’s as awesome on the stove as it is over a grill or fire pit outside — and I also fell in love with the carbon steel frying pan, which has become a staple for fresh veggies (especially mushrooms) and chicken wings. Made In’s recently released griddle tools have become a new classic indoors and out. Here are some of my favorite summery Made In pieces, a number of which are currently on sale. 

Carbon Steel Griddle + Press

Made In

This Swedish-made 4-millimeter carbon steel griddle is what started it all for me. The nonstick promise here is strong: I’ve never had food of any kind stick to it (which also makes it incredibly easy to clean). This piece is great over fire on a grill, but it’s equally powerful indoors on a stove, where I use it to break the despair of dreary Chicago winter nights by cranking the heat to sizzle veggie fajitas, burgers, salmon, and pancakes. This griddle comes with a press (so you can finally live your best smash burger dreams), and the set is currently a cool $39 off.

Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan

Made In

Nothing feels more pro than tossing some food into this perforated, high-heat pan and just throwing it directly onto the fire. Indeed, it’s safe up to 1,200ºF, is naturally nonstick, and absolutely sears the hell out of whatever you’re intrepid enough to cook in it. Whether I want some smoky, caramelized onions and peppers or some tasty seafood, this pan delivers every time. Plus, it’s become one of my most gifted pieces of cookware — numerous family members have loved receiving this.

Griddle Tools

Made In

Made In’s new grilling tool set is seriously high quality. It comes with a heavy-duty bench scraper (which you can use to clean your griddle or make some dough for a grilled flatbread), a fish spatula, and a griddle spatula. The most interesting piece here, however, is a pigtail turner, which can hook, turn, and flip any kind of protein or veggie, from chicken breasts and portobello mushrooms to a whole beef tenderloin or a rack of ribs. Pro tip: The fish spatula is good for fish, obviously, but I use it with almost everything because of how thin and nimble it is. (It rocks for pancakes.)

Carbon Steel Pro Grilling Set

Made In

I definitely saved the biggest (and, by proxy, the best savings) for last, as this four-piece set is over $75 off at the moment. This package contains the carbon steel grill frying pan as well as a seasoned regular carbon steel frying pan, a grill press, and a stainless-clad butter warmer. Between all those, you can nail some perfectly seared steaks, beautifully caramelized burgers, or smoky, fire-kissed veggies, and dish out a killer sauce for them as well.

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