I’m a Fashion Editor Living In Paris and These Are the Five Classy Summer Outfits I Come Back To Every Year

It’s officially summer, meaning it’s time to evaluate your arsenal and pull lighter pieces to the forefront. As you may be aware, I don’t tend to advocate for occasion-specific shopping, however, I’ve noticed that investing in versatile pieces will pay dividends when building an intentional and re-workable collection, especially in summer. Because although summer styling loans itself to nonchalant fabrications and one-fell-swoop outfits, it’s challenging to know ways to elevate ensembles and create sophisticated outfits with less.

The UK is known for two things where the weather is concerned—downpours and unprecedented heatwaves, the latter of which calls for little to no fabric touching the skin. Having spent the majority of my life judging the UK’s weather forecast and wanting to remain uniform despite it, and now I live in Paris, it’s still very much the same. Over the years, I’ve done the research and devised some simple outfit formulas that add a touch of sophistication to my summer repertoire, while keeping the precarious European weather in mind.

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