Does Kristen Bell Have Tattoos?

More than a decade ago, images of a heavily tattooed Kristen Bell — we’re talking ink on almost every area of her body, including her face — went viral on Twitter (now X). From the photos, you may have found yourself asking if the tattoos were real, and you wouldn’t be alone. In fact, people are still left speculating on the matter to this day. Still, we want to be the ones to remind you that, no, they are not. We repeat: Kristen Bell’s tattoo collection is nonexistent. (Although we can’t say that some of those wouldn’t be a good look on her.)

The images in question were actually taken from an old skit that Bell did with “Funny or Die” back in 2012, in which she reveals in a fake behind-the-scenes interview that she’s actually covered with tattoos, and the reason none of her fans have ever seen them is because she uses a lot of makeup to cover them up.

“No one told me kristen bell had tattoos all over,” one X user wrote as recently as December 2022. “Is Kristen Bell the Most-Tattooed Actress?” another headline read. Flash forward many years later, and the question came up again when the “Frozen” actor appeared in a “Wired” video to answer some of the internet’s most-searched questions about her. Of course, whether Bell had any tattoos was one of them. In response, she answered that she did not but that she’s always wanted to get one — much to the dismay of her husband, Dax Shepard.

“I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but my husband does not like girls with tattoos,” she jokingly says in the clip. We’re not sure if Bell has changed her mind in the seven years since she appeared in that video, but if her stance on tattoos does change anytime soon, there’s no doubt in our minds she’ll be quick to let us know. If social media is any indication, the world will be waiting.

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