Diptyque’s Newest Candles Will Transport You to a Parisian Cafe

It’s no secret that we love Diptyque here at BA—we use their Gingembre room spray to banish the smell of garlic from our tiny apartments, slather our dishwashing-worn hands in their luxurious lotion, and keep a stash of their candles on hand for impromptu gifting situations. And now, they’re giving us another excuse to buy even more candles by teaming up with Parisian institution Café Verlet.

Diptyque Les Délicieuses Set of 3 Candles

As someone who is deeply obsessed with all things cute and coffee-related, I loved these candles from the moment I opened the boxes and saw the whimsical (and reusable) glasses designed by UK-based artist Clym Evernden. I immediately set up miniature versions of the Biscuit, Chantilly, and Café-scented candles on my desk, closed my eyes, and could pretty easily trick myself into thinking I was sitting in a Parisian cafe about to eat half my body weight in pastries. The olfactory experience is so convincing, I keep reaching for a nonexistent café au lait as I write this.

Café (Coffee) Classic Candle

The four candles in the line—there’s also a Fruits Confits scent based on the classic French candied fruits—aren’t just loosely inspired by the cafe’s offerings. I managed to get my hands on a bag of Verlet’s gateaux de voyages, and the Biscuit candles smell exactly like these taste.

Biscuit (Cookie) Classic Candle

There’s the toasty smell of freshly-baked biscuit, but there’s also nutmeg, fennel, ginger, and coriander. The Chantilly smells, at first, very similar to Diptyque’s rightfully popular Vanille scent, but keep sniffing and you get notes of sugar and cream that evoke the precise feeling of a sidecar of chantilly cream served with a cup of thick, velvety chocolate chaud.

Chantilly (Whipped Cream) Classic Candle

So if a trip to Paris isn’t in the cards for you this spring, buying a set of Dipyque’s Parisian Café candles is probably the next best thing. And if you are going to Paris, consider stopping for coffee and biscuits at Verlet—then you can come home, light some candles, and relive the memories.

Diptyque Parisian Café Tray

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