Crockett doubles down on Biden support post-debate: Trump ‘only cares about himself’

Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) doubled down on her support of President Biden as calls for him to drop out rise, and warned of a second term with former President Trump because he “only cares about himself.”

Crockett joined MSNBC’s Katie Phang on Saturday to discuss the fallout from Biden’s poor debate performance and the growing number of House Democrats calling on him to step aside.

The Texas lawmaker said the Democrats who are calling on the president to resign says more about them being scared of Trump than of Biden’s character.

“One thing that I think we all are united in, no matter where you stand, is our fear,” she said. “Our fear that somehow Donald Trump can get back into the White House, or fear that the Supreme Court will absolutely end up becoming even worse … or fear because we know the reality of what they are seeking in Project 2025.”

“And so, the only thing that I’m asking everyone to do is to unite around the ticket. The ticket at this point in time is Biden-Harris,” Crockett continued. “And so long as the president says that he can do this job, then that is our ticket.”

As of Saturday afternoon, five of Crockett’s Democratic colleagues in the House have called on Biden to step aside. They argue that Vice President Harris, or another top Democrat, has a better chance against Trump in the election this fall.

Biden and his campaign spent much of the week attempting to regain support from voters. In his first on-camera interview since the debate, Biden insisted Friday that he was in it to win it and would not be stepping down.

Either way, Crockett asked Democrats to “stay the course.”

“Let’s recognize who the real enemy is,” she said. “Let’s not give fodder to the Republicans come November by tearing each other apart.”

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