California Democrat doubts House members calling on Biden to step down will have impact

Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) downplayed concerns among Democrats that President Biden should end his presidential campaign, saying Sunday that he doesn’t believe members calling on him to leave will have an impact.

Five Democratic House members have so far called on Biden to leave the race publicly amid concerns about his age and ability to win the November election.

“Well, you put up five photos a moment ago. That’s five out of 212 members of the Democratic caucus,” Garamendi said in a NewsNation “The Hill Sunday” interview with Chris Stirewalt. “Will there be others joining? That’s possible. Will that have an effect? I doubt it.”

Biden has emphatically denied the calls to leave the race, painting his poor debate performance as a one-time instance and committing to prove to voters that he can serve a second term.

Garamendi said the important thing voters should consider isn’t Biden’s age, but his record.

“But the bottom line is we have a person, Biden, who has done a remarkable job, who understands what is necessary to hold together the coalition to support Ukraine as well as to push back on China,” he said.

“Can Biden run a successful campaign? I believe he can because, ultimately, it’s about two individuals,” he continued. “One is a serial liar who has not been able to present even the minimum qualifications to be an Eagle Scout. Those are the issues of being able to present himself as a viable individual. So when now we’re looking at two people, going for Biden and Trump, it’s an easy choice.”

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