At Maison Margiela Couture, Womanhood On Full Display

The couture collections ended in Paris today in dramatic fashion with John Galliano’s presentation of the Margiela Artisanal collection. Underneath the Pont Alexandre III, Galliano’s gloomy vision unfolded with an immediately striking silhouette—a tinier than tiny waist cinched to the point of no return that emphasized luscious rounded and a plump backside. This homage to the womanly silhouette—those were certainly child bearing hips, after all—was further characterized by a small group of models who wore elegantly sheer gowns that fully exposed their bodies underneath, including their mons pubis, covered in hair. 

The Brazilian wax has long since become the standard for women, so perhaps it’s not surprising that this effect was achieved through artistic means. One dress appeared to achieve the illusion of a forbidden triangle via carefully placed pleats, while another model was wearing a catsuit underneath her sheer slip painted in trompe l’oeil fashion (complete with a small pubic “wig”). As teenagers on TikTok begin to feel nostalgia about the past, when celebrities didn’t have stylists and actresses still had their naturally crooked teeth, could the return of pubic hair become this generation’s next cri de cour? After all, what’s more body positive than full bush?

A dramatic look from Galliano’s Margiela Artisanal Look. 

Photo: Filippo Fior /

Painted nude body stockings added an illusion of nudity to the Margiela Artisanal runway.

Photo: Filippo Fior /

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