Amazon Babeyond Sequined Knot Clutch Review

POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias
POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias

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There are designer purses you talk yourself into splurging on, the work totes you haul on your morning commute, practical options you reach for almost daily (thank goodness for crossbody bags!), and then of course, the ornamental evening bags that are just functional enough. My latest obsession falls into the latter category and happens to be an Amazon bestseller. I landed on the Babeyond Sequin Clutch ($24) when I needed a cheap, quick option to wear to a sequin-themed holiday party, and I’m surprised to report that I’m getting more use out of it than I expected.

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What I Like About the Babeyond Sequin Clutch

The knot shape feels very on-trend, but it also makes for a convenient design since I can slip the loop around my wrist. A clutch that requires my hands when there’s eating and drinking in proximity is the worst sort of clutch, in my opinion. The sequins add eye-catching sparkle, but the black color and small shape keep it from feeling gaudy. It plays well with other shiny pieces like silk skirts, studded booties, and rhinestone jewelry, and it elevates basics like jeans and a black turtleneck for dinner and drinks. It has a zipper closure, so you can rest assured that the contents of your purse will stay safe, and a magnetic snap closure that holds the knot shape.

POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias

What’s Worth Noting About the Babeyond Sequin Clutch

You don’t have to commit to the black color of this clutch if you’re looking for something bolder. It comes in over 20 styles and tones, including a studded rhinestone version and even a pearl-embellished option. The clutch is tiny, but I managed to stuff a card case, lip gloss, gum, keys, and my iPhone Pro Max, which admittedly took me a minute to tuck away at the proper angle so the snap could be closed. It’s a hassle, but it’s doable. If you have a smaller phone, it will be easier to access and stow away.

Who Is the Babeyond Sequin Clutch Best For?

This clutch is best for someone who wants a fun, trendy, and affordable evening bag that’s surprisingly versatile. If you only need the bare essentials and have a smaller phone, this bag works well for a night out.

POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias

Additional Details:

  • Its dimensions are 6.9 inches by 7.9 inches.
  • It comes in 22 style and color options and two different sizes.
  • It has a zipper and magnetic combination for the closure.

Where Is the Babeyond Sequin Clutch Available to Shop?

You can buy this clutch on Amazon.



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