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A Popular Grocery Store Is Selling Hot Cheetos Sushi for a Limited Time

America’s largest sushi retailer isn’t Nobu, Sugarfish, or any other popular sashimi spot – it’s a national supermarket.

Kroger is the country’s largest sushi retailer, offering maki, nigiri, sashimi, and more items made in-house at over 1,800 grocery stores across the country. To celebrate the popularity of its deli-style sushi counter, Kroger is offering specials for International Sushi Day on June 18 — including one inspired by a snack-aisle fave. 

The Cheetos Flamin’ Hot California Roll is a classic California roll filled with imitation crab sticks, cucumber spears, and avocado, then sliced, rolled with crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and topped with a special spicy sauce. Ten pieces retail for $8.99 — and a package of this electric red roll would definitely be the talk of any summer party. 

Available now at Kroger family stores until July 31, this Cheetos roll is also a predecessor to a new, spicier roll promised later this summer: The Doritos Flamin’ Hot Limón Shrimp Tempura Roll. 

The grocery store is also offering deals for National Sushi Day. Through June 18, Kroger shoppers can save $2 on any fresh sushi item priced at $11.99 or higher with their loyalty card. DoorDash and Uber Eats customers can take advantage of a buy one, get one free sushi roll special. And from June 20 through July 24, DoorDash DashPass members can get 50% off Kroger sushi orders of $20 or more purchased through DoorDash.

Kroger first began selling fresh in-store sushi in 1991. Now, customers buy over one million rolls of sushi from Kroger each week. To accompany the fresh sushi, Kroger also offers dumplings, bao, poke, rice bowls, salads, and more from the (very Americanized) sushi counter. 

Kroger is far from the only supermarket to sell its own sushi. In the South, Publix makes its own sushi daily, and in the Midwest, Mariano’s and Jewel both host their own sushi counters. In the Northeast, Wegman’s is a popular go-to for supermarket sushi, though the newest Manhattan location has been under fire for potential omakase fraud. Still, there’s plenty of demand for pre-packaged sushi items. Last summer, Trader Joe’s had to put a purchase limit on its kimbap, an oversized Korean maki that customers wanted to hoard. 

Grocery store sushi is a popular Reddit topic, with users often endorsing Kroger’s sushi counter, particularly for those in a hurry or eager to save money. 

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