6 Spring Makeup Swaps Recommended By a Beauty Editor

Spring is finally here. I have been counting down the days to my favourite season and although the wait has felt like a long one, it’s definitely worth it. I’ve already swapped out my chunky coats and jumpers for lighter jackets and cardigans. but now it’s time to tackle my beauty products. As a beauty editor, nothing brings me joy quite like switching out my skincare for the new season. As I wave goodbye to thicker, heavy formulas, my creamy lightweight products are welcomed with open arms.

It’s not just skincare either. Yep, I switch out my perfumes too. Rich, woody fragrances are traded with sweet, citrusy scents that make me feel as if I’ve just stepped out of Sorrento. However, the most important swap? Makeup, of course.

It’s safe to say that my winter and spring makeup bags look very different. In winter I favour things such as full coverage foundations, powdered bronzers and statement lipsticks. However, in spring I like to keep things a lot more natural. Let’s face it, as soon as the weather gets warmer my makeup just ends up sweating off anyway, and I don’t want to spend hours applying foundation and eyeshadow when I could be outside enjoying the sun. So, if you want to see what swaps I’m going to be making to my makeup bag, keep on scrolling…

Avoiding: Full Coverage Foundations

Introducing: BB Creams

First up, I’m storing away my full coverage foundations and bringing my bb creams out from hibernation. My skin always looks and feels a bit better in spring, so I like letting my natural complexion shine through. Plus, a bb cream is so much quicker and easier to apply thanks to the lightweight formula.

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Avoiding: Matte Bronzer

Introducing: Dewy Contour Sticks

I like to look sunkissed all year round, but while in winter I opt for powder bronzers to apply over my foundation, in spring I like to use liquid products that mix well with creamier bases. Plus, with “glowtouring” set to be one of spring’s biggest makeup trends, I already know that my dewy contour sticks are going to come in handy.

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Avoiding: Powder Blush

Introducing: Cream Blush

If I’m using a liquid bronzer, then it only feels right to use a creamy blush on top. I don’t know about you, but I find cream blush so much easier to use, especially during spring and summer when you find yourself having to top up your makeup throughout the day. Simply add a quick swipe to your cheeks, blend with your fingers and you’re good to go.

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Avoiding: Neutral Eyeshadows

Introducing: Pops of Blue

I love a neutral eye look, and I know I can rely on a matte brown eyeshadow during the winter months. However, when spring rolls around I always feel inspired to add a bit of colour to my makeup look, and this season it’s all about pops of blue.

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Avoiding: Brow Pencil

Introducing: Brow Gel

I love filling in my brows, but sometimes I can be sat there for ages trying to get each one to look exactly the same. However, when the sun comes out I throw caution to the wind and prefer to add a swipe of brow gel to keep my hairs in place.

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Avoiding: Regular Mascara

Introducing: Tubing Mascara

Last but by no means least, in spring I make sure to swap out my regular mascara for a tubing mascara. If you didn’t know, a tubing mascara has a unique formula that lasts so much better on the eyes. So, if like me you find that your mascara smudges in the warmer weather, I highly recommend giving a tubing mascara a go.

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