5 London Summer Trends Fashion People Are Low-Key Obsessed By

Something a lot of people don’t realise about me is that I work remotely—from Scotland in fact—so every time I come to London for work, I make sure to pay close attention to the outfits I see as I go about my days in the capital. Fresh off my latest three-day visit, I was impressed at just how many key summer trends I saw stylish Londoners wearing during my time there. Truly, they’re some of the best dressers, not just in the UK, but in all of Europe!

While I could write about its iconic style for hours on end, instead, I’m going to focus my energy on charting the five summer fashion trends I kept seeing over and over across London. Between a day out at Wimbledon (which, yes, was incredible) to heading to the Who What Wear offices in central, I covered a lot of ground, but these trends were the ones that seemed to follow me everywhere I went. This might, however, be unsurprising when you see them, for they are some of the most versatile and, by proxy, most appealing of the season.