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19 Baked Pasta Recipes for Golden, Gooey Comfort

Nothing says comfort like a casserole dish full of bubbling, cheesy baked pasta. Sure, you could make pasta on the stovetop and call it a day, but baked pasta recipes undergo a particular transformation in the oven. The edges turn crispy and golden while the inside stays molten and gooey, with the perfectly al dente noodles holding it all together.

This collection of our best baked pasta recipes includes cheesy, veggie-loaded pasta bakes you’ll love as much as your kids, modern riffs on old classics (like tuna noodle casserole with a potato chip topping), and plenty of riffs on lasagna. If you’re looking for a quick pasta recipe, this ravioli and mushroom skillet is the speediest path towards dinner. Want a lazy-day project that pays off in spades? Opt for this manicotti recipe, which trades boxed noodles for tender homemade crespelle. And if you want a make-ahead dish that’ll be the star of your table, consider classic Greek Pastitsio.

No matter which recipe you choose, remember one piece of advice. When boiling pasta to be baked, it’s important to undercook the noodles on that first go-round—you want them just shy of al dente. The pasta will continue cooking in the oven to tender-toothed perfection.

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